King Stag

Book By: Sylvia Ashby
Play #: 1814
Pages: 50 pgs
Cast: Flexible cast, 5 m, 4 w, 9 flexible, doubling possible

(Based on Carlo Gozzi's "Il Re Cervo") King Seren depends on the uncanny ability of a magic statue to decipher a dishonest heart while trying to pick a queen for his kingdom. He desires nothing more that a young lady who truly loves him. When he finds her he calls for a royal hunt in the forest in celebration. The jealous Periglio is out to hunt kings and not stags. The spell of the court magician falls into the hands of the untrustworthy Periglio and he uses the spell to change the King to a stag and himself into the king. Chaos breaks out in the kingdom as all are wondering about the sudden and strange changes brought about in the King (actually Periglio). Although this tale is a little darker than most fairytales, all ends rightly with the King back in his body and Periglio in his.

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MORRIS, MN 4/10/2013
NICHOLS SCHOOL 2 Performance(s)
BUFFALO, NY 3/22/2013
BOUTTE, LA 10/20/2010
UNIVERSITY KANSAS 7 Performance(s)
LAWRENCE, KS 9/22/2008

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