Greece Goes to Pieces - Printmaster

Book By: Gawen Robinson
Play #: 7112
Pages: 55 pgs
Cast: Widely Flexible

The music is stunning in this story set in Athens around 400 BC. Despite the city's wealth and splendor, the Athenians have recently been defeated by the joint Spartan and Persian armies and now reluctantly, after years of superiority, have to put up with foreign interference. Anxious to find out what is in store for their great civilization, Socrates, Plato and Hippocrates set off to see the great Oracle at Delphi. The Pythia tells them to seek advice from Zeus himself at the great statue in Olympus where they will discover their destiny. Lots of fun songs, such as "Peta the Potter" with its tongue-twisting lyrics, are written specifically for young voices (grades 5 and up). Sample song is "The Peloponnesian War."


(Includes everything in reading copy plus the piano score and one royalty. Additional performance royalties apply.)

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