Emperors' New Clothes - The Bare Facts

Book By: Vern Adix
Play #: 1763
Pages: 52 pgs
Cast: 7 m, 7 w

This play is a new twist on the old-fashioned fairy tale. Two emperors from tiny, neighboring kingdoms are good friends but compete in wearing the latest fashions. Because they each continually want new, sumptuous wardrobes, their kingdoms are broke! Even their wives have to resort to doing dirty castle chores because there’s no money to pay any staff. Finally an elaborate ruse is planned where both emperors are taught a lesson about vanity and trying to impress others by clothes. If there were flashlights and spotlights in this historic time when men wore beautiful clothing, then something like this might have happened! An interesting gimmick is used for the nonexistent cloth. Props and costumes are far more important in the telling of this tale than full-stage scenery would be. Full of great, good fun!

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TAYS JUNIOR HIGH 2 Performance(s)
KATY, TX 2/28/2017

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