Defining Moments

Book By: Bryan McCampbell
Play #: 8134
Pages: 52 pgs
Cast: Flexible cast, approx. 11 m, 14 w, extras, doubling possible

This play forces us to examine the points in our lives when we make decisions - right or wrong, good or bad - that will define our own future as well as the lives of others. Built upon a series of monologues and scenes, the play depicts young adults dealing with the reality of HIV and AIDS. For some it's simply a threat -something not to be let out of its cave. For others, the monster has become an unwanted part of their daily existence. This uncompromising drama uses vivid and timely dialogue. A perfect competition piece, it features minimal staging, a chorus for effect, and a widely flexible cast.

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ENOCHS HIGH SCHOOL 1 Performance(s)
MODESTO, CA 4/2/2023
PROVISO WEST HS 3 Performance(s)
HILLSIDE, IL 4/15/2016
LITTLE RIVER, SC 11/15/2003
BUFFALO HIGH SCHOOL 1 Performance(s)
BUFFALO, MO 2/17/2003

Behind The Scenes