Curses, Foiled Again!

Book By: C. Michael Perry
Book By: James G. Lambert
Play #: 7075
Pages: 42 pgs
Cast: 6 m, 5 w, extras, doubling possible

Papa Praiseworthy has mortgaged the family farm to have money to pay for the long-needed operation to cure Mama and create a trousseau for sweet Polly’s marriage to our hero, Jedediah Justice, of Justice Junction. Little does the family know when they stop to help an ill traveler on the road, the man is the evil brother of the villain, Delvin Dastardly. The Dastardly brothers frame Papa and get him thrown onto a chain gang. Now Polly will have to bring in the harvest with only the aid of her brother Penrose and sister Penny. Too proud to do less, Polly woefully turns Jedediah away, breaking their engagement. Can our hero reunite Polly’s parents and, more importantly, save sweet Polly from a loveless marriage to Delvin? A rollicking score includes “I Get What I Want!”; “A Maiden’s Prayer”; “One Potato and a Bean,” and others.

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ABILENE, TX 8/1/2024
FREMONT OPERA HOUSE 2 Performance(s)
FREMONT, NE 7/13/2024
CHERYL MILLWARD 6 Performance(s)
HOMESCHOOL ON STAGE 3 Performance(s)
SPANISH FORK, UT 3/15/2023
USD 419 1 Performance(s)
CANTON, KS 11/15/2019
DUNN SCHOOL 3 Performance(s)
LOS OLIVOS, CA 11/8/2018
OSCEOLA HIGH SCHOOL 1 Performance(s)
OSCEOLA, NE 4/25/2015
GARDEN PLAIN, KS 11/15/2012

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