Book By: Vern Adix
Play #: 1738
Pages: 39 pgs
Cast: 5 m, 6 w, 2 flexible

Here’s unconventional, humorous, and easy-to-stage treatment of the famous fairy tale. Rather than one huge ball to find his future Princess, the Prince has met eligible ladies of the kingdom at smaller, separate gatherings called “Choose a Princess Parties.” Now, after 118 parties, where the Prince has danced with “364 clods,” the Zanzibany family has finally received its invitation. The formidable sisters Wartzella and Bageena, along with their domineering mother, go to the party escorted by Cinderella’s meek father and their clumsy farmhand. Cinderella is left behind to finish countless more chores. Soon Cinderella’s fairy godmother, who is really her Aunt Hetitia, appears to adorn Cinderella’s simple dress and provide glass slippers. Aunt Hetitia also has two neighbor children with her whom she dresses as mice. (After all, no one would dare bother them being escorted to a party by a pair of king-sized mice!) The story ends happily with the Prince literally crawling on his knees to ask the kindhearted Cinderella to be his bride!

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GEORGETOWN, TX 4/29/2019
LAPEL HIGH SCHOOL 1 Performance(s)
LAPEL, IN 6/1/2013
BALDWIN PARK, CA 1/26/2012

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