Book and Lyrics: Mimi Bean
Play #: 7065
Pages: 45 pgs
Cast: 8 m, 8 w, numerous flexible roles

A wonderful musical adapted from the classic Cinderella story with animal characters. Prince Richard--the Rabbit-Hearted and Princess Tabitha of the Blue Mountain Grove are the center of this adaptation. It seems that when the Grove burned down years ago, Tabitha's parents left her on the doorsteps of the Bugmerks, a family of toads on the edge of a swamp. Life is only bearable for her by her close friend and confidant, Mercedes, a mouse. When the night of the ball comes, the Bugmerks leave poor Cinderabbit behind. And who appears? Gracie--Cinderabbit's Jewish Fairy Pig-Mother, who sends Tabitha off to the ball. (Song sample at right: "Stuck" sung by the prince and aide.)

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BLANDING, UT 9/30/2016

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