Girl Who Married a Ghost

Book By: Tim Wright
Play #: 1780
Pages: 48 pgs
Cast: 4 m, 6 w, 1 child, flexible ensemble

The legend of a girl who married a ghost, which has been passed down for generations among the Nisqualli Indian Tribe, is brought to life here. As told by a "tribe" of actors, this play is rich in its surreal images, hypnotic poetic language and ancient Native American mythology. The daughter of an Indian chief accepts the marriage proposal from a Prince who rules a great nation many miles from her shore. Once she arrives to "the other side," it is too late to return, for the Princess realizes she has become Queen of Ghost Land, a place where the spirits of the dead go to play out eternity. However, the jealousy of the Shaman, who also loved her in life as he does in death, creates a situation where she will be his and his alone. The safety of her newborn child (part human, part ghost) is in peril. It is only through the wisdom of the great Screech Owl, the only living creature which can fly freely between the land of the living and the land of the dead, is the Princess able to prevent the Shaman's evil plan from robbing her of her Ghost husband and newborn son.

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