Beauty and the Beast

Book By: Bren Dubay
Play #: 1718
Pages: 31 pgs
Cast: 3 m, 3 w, extras

This timeless fairy tale has a unique twist: Beauty is a male and the Beast is a female. The Ranier family has a host of problems, but an act of love begins to transform their adversity. John saves his father from certain death by taking his place in a Beast's castle, a castle with an aura of magic and mystery as shrouded figures move about attending lost and lonely travelers. John, or Beauty as the Beast names him, is conflicted between fulfilling his father's promise to the Beast and his own longing to be with his family. Although John honors the promise and truly cares for the well-being of the Beast, he declines to marry her because he does not love her. John is allowed to return home when his father becomes ill, but stays longer than he promised. Time is fluid and unpredictable in this story. While watching a star fall to earth, he realizes the Beast is dying. Another act of love occurs as John returns knowing he loves the Beast because of the beauty within her. The Beast is transformed and becomes, before our eyes, Princess Helen. About 50 minutes.

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FT. MYERS, FL 5/20/2019

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