Amistad Case

Book By: William Baer
Play #: 1278
Pages: 69 pgs
Cast: 21 m, 2 w, 1 g, 1 b, extras

African slaves being transported by the Cuban schooner Amistad were inspired by their leader, Cinque, to rise up and seize the ship. Instead of gaining freedom, however, the slaves are imprisoned on land where their lives are in balance during the following trials. A tour-de-force in character study focusing on Cinque, the enigmatic leader of the slaves; Lewis Tappan, the world-renowned abolitionist; ex-president, John Quincy Adams, who eloquently defends the slaves in the landmark Supreme Court case; and Margru, who turns from an innocent slave child into a woman of independence. Selected as a finalist in the 7th Annual Dayton Playhouse Festival of New Works in 1997. "It moved me, and I admire it a great deal." The story is well-balanced "between seeing and feeling...the language is apt and telling." Arthur Miller, playwright.

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THE FENN SCHOOL 1 Performance(s)
CONCORD, MA 11/14/2008

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